Introducing .locker: A New Era of Bitcoin Web3-Connected Domains

Introducing .locker: A New Era of Bitcoin Web3-Connected Domains

Bridging on-chain utility with traditional domains with .locker.

We are excited to introduce .locker, the first top-level domain (TLD) from Orange Domains. This innovative joint venture connects on-chain utility with domains through a collaborative joint venture that includes Trust Machines, Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX), DISH, an EchoStar company, and Hiro Systems. 

With .locker, we are unlocking new opportunities for global domain owners while maintaining the advantages that come with traditional web domain functionality. Ultimately, we are bridging the Web2 and Web3 domain landscape to help users access new ways to own their digital identities in a world where online privacy and security are paramount.

What is .locker?

.locker is a two-part solution that offers both a Web2 domain name and a corresponding Web3 digital identity, both of which are tied to one user. This solution is ideal for users who aren’t just interested in learning more about Web3 (the Web3-curious), but who are also ready to engage with the Web3 ecosystem (the Web3-ready). 

Specifically, .locker is focused on introducing these new users by offering them a solution built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin is not only the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, but also the most secure and decentralized blockchain even to this day. This helps to reinforce .locker as a solution focused on empowering users to fully own their online identity and data.

Whether you want to build a website, send an email, or dive into decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto asset management, and Web3 social networks, .locker gives you a seamless experience with frictionless onboarding. It functions similarly to an NFT, enabling you to secure finances, art, contracts, and more all from one single solution.

In short, users who purchase a .locker domain and register for their Web3 digital identity will enjoy all the benefits offered by premium TLDs along with the advantages given by new Web3 interoperability. 

The .locker Roadmap

The initial launch phase of .locker is exclusively for trademark holders registered in the Trademark Clearing House. This phase ensures that brand owners can secure their digital identities before we open early access and general public registration in September.

At that point, users can renew their .locker domains and Web3 digital identities at their current registrar of record. This ensures a smooth and familiar process that lets users immediately enjoy the advantages a .locker domain and digital identity offer.

Shape the Future of the Internet with .locker

From freelance designers and writers to small businesses, .locker will provide a comprehensive solution that enhances customer acquisition through secure payments and advanced domain management. We’re grateful to ICANN for its efficient process, and we are excited to see that a number of domain registrars are already eager to offer .locker to their users.

To explore the endless possibilities of .locker and Web3 technology, or to join a community that is driving the future of decentralized innovation, visit to get started.

The true potential of the digital world awaits, and it starts with .locker.


Press Release: Top-Level Domain ‘.locker’ Launches With Onchain Utility

Orange Domains, the partnership connecting onchain utility with domains from Trust Machines, Tucows (NASDAQ:TCX), DISH, an EchoStar (NASDAQ:SATS) company, and Hiro Systems, has launched its first top-level domain (TLD), .locker. Offering a true Web3-connected solution to its users, .locker will unleash new opportunities for global domain owners while still providing traditional web domain functionality.

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